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Basically it has to do with how capitalists make money.

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Capitalists make money essentially because they produce for a lower cost than they can sell and use it for capital accumulation. Now, the three basic costs of capital are personnel costs, input costs and taxation costs.

OPINION: Saudi Arabia, Japan and the World beyond oil

The way we got out of each successive downturn in the world economy was to steadily increase each of these a little bit. This is basically how all systems work: it is how biological systems work, physical systems, chemical systems and the universe works, and solar systems works the same way.

We are in that structural crisis. Many people misread the crisis it because they see two normal phenomena as the crisis. The first is the Kondratieff B downturn. The other normal phenomenon is the hegemonic cycle, and we are at the point where the US has more or less exhausted its hegemonic advantages. Those two things are not a crisis — all of that is absolutely normal — they happen to coincide with this other fundamental structural crisis, which manifests itself as chaos, enormous oscillations, and out of them comes a bifurcation.

Tales of Zestiria: The World Beyond

That is a big political struggle, it has been going on for a while, it will now intensify and go on for the next 20 to 30 years and the outcome is intrinsically unpredictable. The Kondratieff A phase — to more or less — was the biggest expansion of the world economy in the history of the modern world system. The Kondratieff B phase, which has been following absolutely normal patterns, with a shift to the relocation of no longer profitable major industries, a shift of attempts to acquire capital from construction to finance, rising indebtedness, rising unemployment etc.

All of that led to the most incredible expansion of debt also in the history of the modern world system. Probably nothing can be done about it. Neither the one nor the other is going to pull us out of this.

What is lacking is a kind of coherent, unified response across the world of what might be called the world left. In this people are going to be hurt very hard, people who are at the bottom are going to be hurt most hard because they have the least fat, so to speak.

The World Beyond Our Senses

The major problem for governments today is to prevent uprisings. The way they will handle it is social democratic things: more healthcare, more unemployment insurance etc — just like Sarkozy gave in to the Guadeloupians … People are starting to rebel. That is part of their problem. That is part of the uncertainty of what is going to happen in the next 10 or 20 years. There is no coherent centre, it is dispersed.

But that is true on the other side as well. The thing about a crisis is that precisely that it liberates the imagination, the mere uncertainty of the future liberates the imagination. But that is what is so impossible to predict — where will it move?

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The publication examines the critical role prison libraries play in supporting the mandate of prison authorities around the world to rehabilitate and reintegrate inmates into society. Providing inmates with access to reading materials and information is particularly important as the majority of those who find themselves in detention facilities come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds and have limited education and low literacy skills. Using a prison library can be a transformative and powerful experience with far-reaching and lasting effects.

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Books beyond bars highlights examples from selected prison library systems from around the world , demonstrating challenges and best practice, and thus revealing their potential as sources of information, education, culture and recreation. Read online. Skip to main content.