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It appears that once the author departs from the translation, several errors appear which require comment and correction. Animals act on God-given instincts which are directed at the survival of the species. Animals naturally seek out mates of the opposite sex. They do not experience love or lust because they do not possess the same transcendent cognitive and moral component found in man. In artificially-induced environments, a male animal may attempt to mount another male, but this act is normally associated with an act of aggression rather than a sexual encounter.

These distinctions are critical in terms of reparative therapy and long-term prognosis. For these reasons, the term pedophilia, in the two cases mentioned above, should be replaced by the term pederasty. In serious sins, the thought and word precede the deed.

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Matthew: Throughout The Book of Gomorrah , Saint Peter Damian constantly refers to the burning lust not love that drives the sodomite and the pederast. This is also true of the lesbian who lusts after another women or a young girl. Among the scholars he mentions is the late John E. Boswell, whose name jumped off the page at me.

Not really. Perhaps, Hoffman, as a Christian gentleman, purposely withheld this information from the reader, but this is a mistake.

New League of Saint Peter Damian In the Works

The leaders of the Homosexual Collective, in which Boswell played an important role, takes no prisoners and gives no quarter. Kindness toward the Collective is seen as a sign of weakness and is exploited wherever possible. It is a valuable lesson especially for one so committed to popularizing Saint Peter Damian and his Book of Gomorrah. I wish Mr. Hoffman all the best in this worthy endeavor. I hope his translation gets the publicity and world-wide distribution it deserves and I hope my criticism will be taken in the spirit of charity in which it was written. His book can be ordered from Ite Ad Thomam Books at www.

As for the reader, I trust you will remember the words of Saint Peter Damian, written for his time and our time as well.

The Rite of Sodomy | Awards | LibraryThing

So, please, if you have not made a promise to join the universal battle against the forces of organized perversion, do so today. And continue to pray to Saint Peter Damian for his continued assistance.

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O holy Virgin, Mother of God, help those who implore your assistance. Turn toward us. Have you perhaps forgotten us because you have been elevated to a position close to God? No, certainly not. You know well in what danger you left us. You know the miserable condition of your servants. No, it would not benefit such great mercy as yours to forget such great misery as ours. Turn toward us, then, with your power, for He who is powerful has made you omnipotent in heaven and on earth. For you, nothing is impossible. You can raise even those who are in despair to a hope of salvation.

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There more powerful you are, the greater should be your mercy. Turn also to us in your love. I know. O Mary, that you are all kindness and that you love us with a love that no other love can surpass. How often you appease the wrath of our Divine Judge, when He is on the point of punishing us! All the treasures of the mercy of God are in your hands. You will never cease to benefit us, I know, for you are only seeking an opportunity to save all sinners and to shower your mercies upon them. Your glory is increased when, through you, penitents are forgiven and reach heaven.

Turn, then, toward us, so that we may also be able to go and see you in heaven. For the greatest glory that we can have, after seeing God, will be to see you, to love you, and to be under your protection. So be pleased to grant our prayer; for your beloved Son wishes to honour you by refusing nothing that you ask. Id venture to guess based on my experiences in talking to people about the sex-abuse crisis that the vast majority of people who call themselves Catholic have never even heard the word pederasty.

I make it a point when discussing this stuff to ALWAYS point out the difference between pedophilia and pederasty; if you dont do this, as Ms.

Mic'd Up—Homosexuals & Freemasons Inside the Church (Full Show)

Engel points out, you are re-directing blame away from the real problem…. In my country we have many cases being tried in courts where priests, and brothers have been accused of sexual abuse.

History Underlies Thesis

The overwhelming majority of these cases, when examined, are not paedophilia, but rather pedastry. In other words, they are a homosexual issue. This hideous program, sponsored and planned by the LGTB mafia is supposedly designed to eliminate bullying in the schools. The program even goes into detail as to how to perform homosexual acts! So while on the one hand, society seems to be taking a stand against child abuse, in reality it is simply covering up the evil of homosexuality and in fact promoting the very evil that will make children far more vulnerable.

And meanwhile, those at the very top of our Church remain silent about the reality of the evil we are facing. The men at the top who remain silent are very possibly cowering in the corner due to the very fact that they too are homosexuals. Randy I have read your book Rite of Sodomy, It is an outstanding compilation of historical facts concerning the homosexual agenda in the secular world as well as inside the Roman Catholic Church. You certainly deserve our gratitude for the grueling hours spent investigating and documenting this aberration.

It seems that Pope Emeritas has emerged from his humble domicile to make much needed statements concerning Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, yet nothing concerning the homosexual crisis. Your Book should be sent to all the members of the heirarchy …from the top down…as well as to every parish in the USA. I totally agree that we are indebted to Randy for all the hard work and numerous hours she has put in to bringing this abomination to light in our sick world. Thank you once again Randy for clarifying exactly what is taking place in the Catholic Church in regards to the highjacking of sexual morals.

I too try to instruct people on the distinction between a pedophile and a Pendergast and why it is important to make this distinction when discussing the distinct sodomy takeover. I always felt even hesitant to read his translation of this great work of Saint Peter Damian because of Hoffmans introduction and commentaries. I must get this. They are titillated. They find him 'amusing'. Take, for example, the spiritual and physical penalties declared by the 4th Century architect of Eastern monasticism, St.

Basil of Cesarea AD , for the cleric or monk caught making sexual advances kissing or sexually molesting young boys or men. The convicted offender was to be whipped in public, deprived of his tonsure head shaven , bound in chains and imprisoned for six months, after which he was to be contained in a separate cell and ordered to undergo severe penances and prayer vigils to expedite his sins under the watchful eye of an elder spiritual brother.

His diet was that of water and barley bread -- the fodder of animals. Outside his cell, while engaged in manual labor and moving about the monastery, the pederast monk was to be always monitored by two fellow monks to insure that he never again had any contact with young men or boys.

And speaking of seminaries, I might mention the papal ruling of St. Siricius, a contemporary of St. Basil, who ordered that "vessels of vice," that is known sodomists, including those who had fulfilled their penance, were forbidden from seeking entrance to the clerical state. His treatise certainly stands as a masterful refutation of contemporary homosexual apologists who claim that the early Fathers of the Church did not understand the nature or dynamics of homosexuality.