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Erich Boboš & Frozen Dozen - Talk To You... (SIGORD 2002)

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One Dozen Cannoli Pop-Stick Minis (Free Shipping) – tergsubsssiganrpow.cf by Kannoli Kraze

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The Baker's Dozen Women's Society

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On the other hand, Notre Dame allowed fewer goals this season than any other team in Saint Paul.

The Frozen 12: A dozen cats found abandoned in a crate in a snowy field in Virginia

Will that trend continue—and will it give the Irish confidence their defense and goaltending can pave the way? Twenty-six years later, in yet another Frozen Four stop for Jackson, how will that comfort level help his Irish? There have been 14 games already this season involving a combination of Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan.

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How will that level of familiarity play out in the Frozen Four? Senior associate athletics director John Heisler has been covering the Notre Dame sports scene since April 5, Frozen Four: 12 Questions.