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  1. Family of woman 'brainwashed' into joining ISIS beg government to let her come home
  2. Sheltering Refugees on the Banks of Lake Chad

Ms Stoltzfus, 43, also went to live with the accused, Bucks County Court in Pennsylvania heard, and allegedly ended up complaining to her husband that Kaplan had stopped having sex with her, preferring intercourse with her daughters. For about five years, the court heard, the girls lived in isolation in the house of Kaplan. The windows remained covered, it was said.

The girls, it was claimed, did not go to school and had no contact with anyone their own age because Kaplan told them other children attracted evil spirits. Five of the girls had to have several teeth removed, Stacy Roach, a Bucks County Children and Youth supervisor told the court. Kaplan is facing 17 counts of rape, sexual assault and conspiracy charges. He spoke at his trial for the first time on Friday, but only to confim that he would not testify. When Judge Jeffrey L. It is alleged that when Kaplan met Daniel and Savilla Stoltzfus in the couple were leaving the Amish faith and struggling financially.

Mr Stoltzfus, 44, is said to have told police he and his wife gifted the nine-year-old to Kaplan after he helped them financially, promising her to him as a future wife. The nine-year-old and her ten-year-old sister, the court heard, began taking turns spending the night in Kaplan's bedroom inside their parents' house in Quarryville, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The older sister told the court that it was here that her sexual relationship with Kaplan began, when she was ten and Kaplan was in his forties. The regular intercourse, it was claimed, continued up until the night before Kaplan was arrested last year. By that time, it was alleged, the victim, who was then 17, had had two children by Kaplan. The alleged victim said she could not personally testify to sexual acts between her five younger sisters and Kaplan, but she confirmed that all of them were considered Kaplan's wives and that she saw Kaplan lead her sisters individually into his bedroom at different times.

Family of woman 'brainwashed' into joining ISIS beg government to let her come home

Kaplan was arrested after police received a complaint about the health and safety of numerous children in his home. In a recording played at the trial, she was heard telling her six daughters to tell the truth in court. You will make us a shining example to all the people. Defence lawyer Ryan Hyde has argued that as the family saw it, Kaplan was married to the oldest daughter and the other children loved him. Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later?

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Sheltering Refugees on the Banks of Lake Chad

Janet Street-Porter. John Rentoul.

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Woman Brainwashed and Indoctrinated

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  • Motor racing. One man convinced his wife she could not have her own toothbrush, because married couples share these things. He also never let her have any privacy — she wasn't even allowed to close the door when she was using the bathroom. Another husband slept all day so he could keep his wife up at night. He deliberately didn't let her sleep, controlled what she ate, and hid her medication, which all made her physically weak. Eventually, she even forgot her age because everything down to the way she walked was managed by someone else.

    Other stories involved a woman who believed her partner could read her mind, when really he was spying on her with cameras in her house and trackers in her belongings. Another man actually told his wife he had inserted a microphone into her fillings to monitor where she went all day. This isolated her further. For the victim, their life is overwhelmed with wondering how to appease their controlling partner. Fontes said they may even experience physical signs of stress over time such as changes to eating and sleeping, head or back aches, and digestive problems, because they are too worried about their partner's wrath.

    If you think you might be a victim of abuse of any kind, you can talk to your GP in confidence, or contact organisations such as Women's Aid and Victim Support. Copyright Der Artikel wurde versandt.


    Manipulative people brainwash their partners using something called 'perspecticide' — here are the signs it's happening to you. They are effectively a prisoner in their own life, not being allowed to do anything or even think on their own terms. Manipulative people brainwash their partners using something called 'perspecticide' — here are the signs it's happening to you Manipulative people brainwash their partners using something called 'perspecticide' — here are the signs it's happening to you People in abusive relationships may become Lindsay Dodgson.

    People in abusive relationships may become victim to something called "perspecticide.