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FROSTED SERIES BOOK 1 PDF Original - Free E-Book Download

Giraffes Can't Dance Giles Andreae. The Storey Treehouse Andy Griffiths. The Snail and the Whale Julia Donaldson. Goodnight Moon Margaret Wise Brown. Oh, The Places You'll Go! Room on the Broom Julia Donaldson. Rainbow Fish Marcus Pfister. Tem havido terremotos mais Tem. Nao foi o criado comprar Nao havia peixe nomercado; peixe no mercado? Seventh Lesson. As we have seen, there are two forms of the Infinitive: the impersonal one corresponds in its employment to the English form; the personal Infini- tive is a peculiarity of the Portuguese language and characteristic as for the personal terminations added to the simple form.

It is employed after a preposition.


Take pains to be good. Employment and Concord of Tenses. Depots de nos estarmos seniados, conversdmos. After having sat down, we talked. While the Present has only one tense, the Past is divided into two, or — taking also the Pluperfect —into three simple tenses: A. The Preterito imperfeito is used: a In descriptions of character, opinion, state, man- ners and customs, representing an action as often re- peated ; it embraces a space of time or a state already existing and still continuing as for the time spoken of: elle tinha uma casa; o homem era pohre; Tiavia rnido noise ; havia reunido todos os sahhados, an assembly took place every Saturday.

Passdvamos o vcrno no canijw we used to pass the summer in the country. It was raining while I took a walk. They went to a place that was very far off. A lebre, coma corria muito, fioti-se nas pernas. The hare, being a good runner, trusted to its legs. As in English, the Imperfect may often be substituted by the first Participle— e. It is the historical tense, being peculiarly appropriated to the narrative style and therefore used: 54 Lesson 7.

Na batalha de Aljuharrota os Portugueses venceram os castelhanos.

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In the battle of Aljuharrota the Portuguese vanquished the Castilians. Whilst there was a thunderstorm, he entered the house. Have you already dined or had dinner? Tive uma cJiicara de chd I have had a cup of tea. Comprdwos cafe we have bought coffee. Compare: Gomprdmos assucar we have bought sugar, and: Temos sempre comprado assucar ao ne- gociante, nosso vizinho. Another tense peculiar to the Portuguese is the Simple Pluperfect Mais-que-perfelto simples already! There is no difficulty whatever in its use. The first participle or gerund Farticipio Imperfeito or gerundlo does not essentially diifer in its Employment and Concord of Tenses.

The Future of the Subjunctive Mood, also a form connected solely with the Portuguese language, is used to express some uncertain future event. It is nearly exclusively employed after the conjunctions se if, quanct? When we shall have money, we shall buy that house. Se tftiver em casa, a porta esiard aherta. If he is or be at home, the door will be open. Emquanto ndo fizerem diligencia, nao serdo succedidos. As 'long as they do not take pains, they will not sicceed.

The Conditional is employed as in EngHsh. Examples : Se tivesse dinheiro, compraria or cowprava essa casa.

Sonhos Van Gogh

If I had money, I should buy that house. Ainda que fosse rico, nuo a compraria or ndo a com- prava.

8.600 Músicas em MP3 Gravadas em Pendrive

Even if I were rich, I should not buy it. Se ndo tivesse sido tdo tarde, o liomem ndo teria or ndo tinha estado cm casa. If it had not been so late, the man would not have been at home. So we employ in the subordinate sentence the Imperfect or Pluperfect of the Conjunctive, and in the principal sentence the first or second Conditional.

Do you think he will have understood? I was glad he had come. I doubt that you have arrived in time.

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  • Ndo tenhas duvida que eu seja teu amigo. Don't have any doubt that I am your friend. Julgdra que tivesse escripto I thought he had written Palayras. Leitura c Tersj o. Esta empresa tern dado bom lucre; dea dez por cento aos accionistas no anno passado. Ha muito tempo que tem sido a min :ia ambicjao saber bem a lingua portuguesa. Se tivesse quern ji'a it to me en- sinasse, havia-de estudar essa bella lingua.

    Desde que ca more 1st pers. E curioso seres tu que tenha essa ideia.

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    Na nossa regiao, temporal, que tem durado uns poucos de tiveral dias, estd causando enorme damno. Estamos i, espera que elle acabe para avaliarmos o estrago que tiver feito. Ainda nao; tera atraso; ja sac seis horas no meu relo- gio.