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Mainly, though, it was an unrealistic story about two girls emigrating to the west alone, sprinkled with historical anecdotes. Oh, and this and this…etc. So Jana encounters an oily politician that tries to pay her to vote for him.

Gun Digest Book of .22 Rimfire

She turns him down and he acts so ugly that Drew feels he has to interfere and then — nothing. The main reason this book felt unrealistic is not the historical accuracy of the events used to drive the plot, but because the two female main characters never experience any real danger. Solutions to their dilemmas just fall into their laps, money never seems to be a problem, and everyone they encounter with a couple of notable exceptions treats them with charm and respect.

One protagonist does cause a huge problem for another character near the end of the book, but even that provided little excitement since the incident was easily solved and quickly forgiven.

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Table of Contents

About The Author. Sara Luck. After two years of taking care of his two boys without a wife or nanny, Attorney Drew Malone is forced to hire someone, or face the consequences with his mother-in-law. His wife's tragic death has been hard on all of them but hardest on his six-year-old son, Sam, who witnessed her murder.

His youngest son, Benji, doesn't remember enough to be traumatized like Sam because he was only two when it happened. All the single women in Bismarck are interested in Drew, but he's indifferent to marrying again. Hiring the strong and opinionated Elfrieda as a nanny and housekeeper will help buffer that unwanted attention. Jana and Greta aren't sure how they'll make a living while waiting for the group that they'll travel with to their promised land, but they're excited for their future. Jana's spirited nature comes through when she meets Drew the first day in Bismarck while fending off a political figure willing to pay for votes.

Drew is intrigued by the young woman who isn't swayed by monetary bribes, so he offers to help her find a job. Jana becomes a window dresser in a dress shop, often wearing the dresses in the window instead of dressing a mannequin. Greta creates her own job by convincing the hotel owner to offer free food, which she'll cook, to draw customers to his saloon. These unconventional jobs for two single women start the tongues a wagging over their impropriety, but the men who frequent the hotel become their protectors, looking out for them in every way.

Can Jana and Greta earn everyone's respect in this western town? This is just the beginning of Jana and Greta's adventures as they get to know the town and those who live there. Jana and Drew are cute together but there were times that I wanted to shake Drew for being so slow to figure out if Jana was the one for him. Drew's oldest son, Sam, was a heartbreaker and added an emotional thread to this family's story. The sisters' day-to-day activities were filled with uncertainties as they built their self confidences after living such a sheltered life on the farm.

Jana is multi-talented so she was a thought-provoking heroine. I haven't read a historical novel where the political sensibilities of the times were explored so I really enjoyed that part. I also enjoyed the train travel and seeing the Dakota Territory, including the badlands, through Jana and Drew's thoughts.

Book and Review courtesy of Romance Junkies. Jun 06, Melissa rated it it was ok. Jana's life from the start is sad and boring.

199 products for "top-secret bride paperback"

It goes with the time error but seriously her stepfather is a tool. I love what her mother does for her and Greta, and like that this is how the story starts. Drew's introduction was interesting. That's all I have to say about him for now. I enjoy how close Jana and Greta are and their interaction is so believable it makes me smile. When Jana and Drew met I liked it. Very casual and quaint. I liked how nice Drew was and helpful. It was very Jana's life from the start is sad and boring.

It was very neighborly which worked in the situation. Their really are multiple POV's in the book and sometimes it jumped between characters without notice and that is something that somewhat annoyed me. I also enjoyed when Drew was filtering with Jana but seriously he's a lawyer jumping to conclusions because he saw her talking to a prostitute I a crowd so hummm so what does he do ignore her. Then running off to Rimfire was sort of corny. With his kids he should've left them with his house keeper. The already traumatized children became even more traumatized as soon as they got off the train and gunfire took place I mean really.

Sometimes the story got of track or jumped from one scene randomly to the next not really making clear what just happened.

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McBrides Gunshop Athlone Ireland

I don't know if that makes sense but that's how it happened. We are in one place then the next paragraph jumps to the end of the week, strange. Also they go from hardly any interaction between Drew and Jana to let's go away for Christmas. To her randomly being naked.

Then I want to spend our lives together. To hay see ya in a few weeks going to work on something, her saying oooohh ok.

Hardback Editions

Just very rushed or random, then other parts were so drawn out and pointless. How many times are we going to describe Jana sitting in the window. And the stupid teacher I think her name was Della putting things in Sam's head and being rude to Jana right in front of Drew and basically calling his son a weeney. Then at the party after the play, she's childish and caty and yet no one addresses it what a bunch of losers. Seriously did no one else catch how stupid and untouched all of that went?????

It really was a good book but sometimes I watched to just shake the author. I am soooooooo upset I don't even know! Drew was a dick!

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Didn't grovel OMG 3, 4, or 5 months later who know yay I found you sched the wedding. Ooooo no biggy you jerk so Eff'd up just say sorry!

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Ummmmmmmmm NO! This book was seriously wanting to be a star but somewhere in the middle the author totally lost me. May 11, J Jares rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance , read-in Jana and Greta Hartmann are afraid, but keep trying. Even though Greta is in poor health, she encourages Jana to go further. They wind up in Bismarck, North Dakota.

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His wife died 2 years before the story begins. His sensitive son, Sam, is not doing well emotionally and Drew thinks that perhaps he should marry again. The career the author came up with for Jana was a hoot. Both girls are hard-working and thankful for the kindness of strangers.