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By contrast, this new study analyzes relatively fresh interstellar dust, and the findings may reveal insight into mysterious interstellar clouds and their relationship with our solar system. To look for potentially pristine samples of interstellar dust , scientists collected about 1, lbs.

It was collected several hundred miles from the coast of the frozen continent, near Germany's Kohnen Station. To identify the snow's components, the researchers brought it to Munich, melted it, filtered out the solids, incinerated the residue and analyzed the pattern of light it gave off. They discovered the presence of two rare, mildly radioactive isotopes : iron and manganese Isotopes of an element vary in how many neutrons they possess in their nuclei; so for example, the most naturally abundant iron isotope, iron, has 30 neutrons, whereas iron has 34 neutrons.

Australian Antarctic Division: Leading Australia’s Antarctic Program

According to the researchers, the most likely source of the iron was a supernova , a powerful explosion from a gigantic dying star that is bright enough to briefly outshine all of the other stars in its host galaxy. Other natural ways of creating iron produce only up to one-tenth as much. However, iron and manganese also can be produced when atom fragments called cosmic rays strike interplanetary dust. Nonetheless, the researchers found a greater ratio of iron to manganese than they would have expected from this mechanism.

The researchers also investigated whether the iron came as fallout from nuclear weapons or power plants.

Antarctica: The Southernmost Continent

However, they found that the production of iron and manganese from these sources should be negligible. We are a member in good standing of IAATO, which works cooperatively to ensure safe and environmentally responsible travel. With our rugged yet comfortable ship and experienced expedition team, Poseidon Expeditions is expert at transporting travelers into the heart of the most dramatic natural scenery in the world. Towering glaciers, blue icebergs, penguin colonies and whales are just a few of the marvels to experience on a visit to the White Continent.

The best way to see Antarctica is by ship, but not all cruises and expeditions are the same. Upon arrival, our fleet of Zodiac landing craft takes you ashore, where an expert team of expedition guides will curate your experience amid awe-inspiring scenery and captivating Antarctic wildlife. This adventure across the 66th parallel south will bring you to polar realm infrequently visited by travelers. The adventure continues to the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula to see buzzing penguin colonies, whales, glaciers and towering mountain ranges.

Antarctica is an exotic travel destination, so it can be difficult to imagine what a visit there will be like. We recommend that travelers bring polar-quality clothing that can be layered, as well as a pair of waterproof pants such as ski pants. The weather can change quickly, so preparation is the key.

What about outerwear? Remember that our distinctive water-resistant, breathable and windproof expedition parka is included for all passengers on every Antarctica cruise. The Sea Spirit will be your home-away-from-home during your Antarctic cruise. This rugged yet imminently comfortable all-suite passenger vessel is equipped with larger-than-usual staterooms, spacious presentation lounge, club lounge and bar, jacuzzi, gym and library — among other premium features.

Ample outdoor deck space provides for easy viewing of scenery or wildlife.

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Enjoy open access to the bridge, where you can speak directly with the officers and scan the horizon for wildlife and our next landing site. As an experienced polar expedition company, Poseidon offers some of the best Antarctica cruises in the business. As we travel to the White Continent, our goal is to provide you with the perfect combination of comfort, personable service and engagement with one of the most fragile yet beautiful ecosystems on the planet.

Featured Press Releases

Browse our website to discover our low Antarctica cruise cost compared with other deluxe operators, and to find special Antarctica cruise deals that will save you money. Why wait? Antarctic Awakening. Photo Map.

Duration from Antarctic Peninsula. Antarctic Circle. Solar Eclipse in Antarctica. Antarctic Wildlife Adventure. Why go to Antarctica with Poseidon Expeditions? Wildlife encounters Our focus is on unique marine wildlife viewing at sites shared with countless penguins, seabirds, seals, sea lions and majestic whales.

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Twenty years of polar experience Supported by a thorough understanding and appreciation of Antarctica, every aspect of your cruise is important to us. Small ship — big advantage This concept allows our passengers to have the greatest selection of landing sites, following the regulations and guidelines for Antarctic travel. Expert expedition team Our polar team will share their enthusiasm for Antarctica, while the expedition leader and captain will create the best routing possible.

Active exploration We offer immersive outdoor exploration and feature camping and kayaking to enhance your exploration of Antarctica. Rich polar history We visit places where polar explorers like Shackleton and others made history with tales of triumph, hardship, and endurance.


Temporary Exhibition » Antarctica | Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

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